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Monday, 3:25 PM Re: The Ultimate 1-Both had used the premiere website solution available today – WordPress.Both were better than average Internet Marketers, both had identified a great niche to conquer and both – as budding businessmen are – were filled with ambitious expectations for the future.One week ago today I heard They were still very much alike.They were still both smart, ambitious, businessmen fully capable of real success.But there was a difference.One of the men was forced to scrap his WordPress site and start The other had already made enough to take his family to an all inclusive resort in the Dominican Republic.What Made The Difference?Do you ever wonder, as I have on many occasions, what causes these types of differences in people’s lives?

It isn’t always a difference in knowledge or intelligence It isn’t that one person had a great strategy and the other didn’t.The difference lies in how each person thinks ahead and how he or she safeguards their prized business – and hard work.And that is why I am writing this letter to you and people like you about EZ WordPress Backup That is the whole purpose of this software – to arm you with a simple 1-A Software That Is Totally UniqueYou see, EZ WordPress Backup is a completely unique piece of software   

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