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The following reports are a representation of some of the calls to which the Laurel Police Department (LPD) responded during the dates noted.

On April 24, at 2:13 pm., theft was reported on the 500 block of West Maryland. A garage was entered and items were taken, including glasses valued at $50, a barbecue valued at $40, 50 records valued at $100, an entertainment center valued at $150, a coffee table valued at $100, and a Singer sewing machine valued at $200.

On April 24, at 3:11 pm., a Laurel resident reported his identity had been stolen. The victim was tipped off by a $210 charge in Australia and another $29.99 charge to a Christian singles dating site. As the victim investigated the extent of the fraud, he discovered the perpetrator had called his bank, posing as the victim and described as having an accent, to ask why the account had been suspended, had detailed financial and identifying information about the victim, and became confrontational with the bank staff when they denied the perpetrator service.

On April 24, at 5:04 pm., LPD officers, working in conjunction with the Billings Police Department, went to a local restaurant to serve a $20,000 felony warrant on an employee. Joshua Lawrence, 26, of Laurel, was arrested and transported to the Yellowstone County Detention Facility (YCDF).

On April 25, at 1:24 pm., a caller from the 400 block of Date Avenue reported a green and gray 18-speed Dynocraft bike, valued at $88, was stolen from a residence.

On April 25, at 1:29 pm., an area Lutheran church reported graffiti spray painted on one of its brick walls.

On April 25, at 7:36 pm., officer responded to the 900 block of Second Avenue for a reported domestic disturbance. Angela Stewart, 32, of Laurel, was charged with partner-family member assault (PFMA).

On April 26, at 7:48 am., criminal mischief was reported on the 300 block of East Fourth where a driver’s side window of a vehicle, valued at $200, was shattered.

On April 27, at 2:21 pm., LPD officers, working in conjunction with the U.S. Marshall, assisted in serving a $25,000 warrant on an employee at a business on the 200 block of South Washington. Nathaniel Dodge, 30, of Laurel, was charged and taken into custody.

On April 28, at 4:38 am., an assault was reported at a residence on the 800 block of Seventh Avenue. Shawn Stringer, 38, of Laurel, was charged with assault and transported to YCDF.

On April 29, at 6:08 pm., a caller from the 200 block of Third Street reported the left rear window of a vehicle was broken, causing $100 in damage.

If you have information about any of these crimes, please call the Laurel Police Department at 628-8737. To provide an anonymous tip, call Crime Stoppers at 628-8424.

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